Overview Of Market For Power Dividers

The market and demand for power dividers is extremely wide. But for information’s sake, let’s attempt to mention as many of them as possible. The specified military industrial complex has wide use for broadband power dividers. These dividers are being used for the purposes of communications work. They are also being used for carrying out radar work and the composition of electronic warfare.

The bands being utilized within the military industrial complex are fairly wide too, ranging from the traditional VHF and UHF to the X Band. Commercial enterprises are using AM, FM, cellular, digital and satellite networks, over and above VHF and UHF. In the industrial space, broadband power dividers are providing contributions towards the manufacture of medical equipment, semiconductors and industrial heating components.

broadband power dividers

Across all industrial sectors, power dividers are being used for conducting measurements and tests. The dividers can be confined to commercial and government testing areas and university laboratories. But they are also perfectly adapted for use in the field. You wonder how much wear and tear these portable devices can withstand, given that the design intention is to produce high powered and multi-octave performance capabilities.

Frequency capabilities are also pretty strong, ranging from DC to ten GHz. Power output ranges from as little as 5 W CW to as much as 100 KW CW. The machines are capable of tolerating severe input unbalances. They have been designed to manage a full input failure and they can withstand extreme environmental conditions. In order for the devices to perform at its optimum digital power meters still need to be constructed.

But these power meters are capable of optimal accuracy and have a 40 Db dynamic range. Even these meters are compact and can be transported easily enough.