Important ‘Emergency Funds’ You Should Save

Dave Ramsey suggests that we have three months’ worth of income saved in case the inevitable occurs. However, there are funds that, while not as important in life, can help you in many different situations. Have you set aside money to cater to these needs? Some of those important funds that you need money saved for includes:

Emergency Gas Fund

Without gasoline, your automobile cannot take you where you need to go. The last headache you want is that of being stuck at home with no gas to go. Make sure this never happens and set aside a few bucks each week to use for emergency gas needs so you’re never stuck in the house.

Mobile Phone Repair

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If you drop your phone and crack the screen or worse, drop it in water so it’s no longer usable, Mobile phone repairs Midland TX come in to save the day. The average phone repair costs about $100, although you may spend more or less for repair, depending on the problem and repair professional chosen. Make sure there is cash set aside just in case.

Weekends Fun Fund

All work and no play leads to a pretty boring life fairly quickly. Luckily, you can be sure that you never sit at home bored due to a lack of money when you contribute a few dollars each week or two to a weekend fun fund. You control the amount of money you store inside the fund -and can remove it at any time.

Although the ‘funds’ listed above aren’t life or death to have, it is nice to know that you have cash set aside just in case. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, after all. Everyone can contribute a few bucks per week or month to these funds and leave worries behind.